Maximizing Business Impact with AI

In deze sessie neemt Megha je mee in de dynamische route die HubSpot volgt als een AI-powered smart-CRM platform. Ze gaat het niet alleen hebben over de AI-roadmap van HubSpot, maar demonstreert ook praktische voorbeelden van hoe AI kan worden toegepast in marketing-, sales- en serviceprocessen. Leer hoe AI je klantrelaties kan versterken, je verkoopprocessen kan optimaliseren en je marketinginspanningen kan personaliseren.

Megha Bhattacharya

Written byMegha Bhattacharya

Solutions Engineering @ HubSpot

After 7+ years of driving sales and business development, in late 2021 I moved to a presales role. I'm honing in on my Engineering educational background & taking my passion for technology to help companies evaluate the right tools for growing businesses. If you wondering what the next best step after a sales role is, I'm happy to have a chat. 

My sales experience spans technology start-ups and SaaS companies like Tableau & OutSystems in Singapore & Dubai focusing on customer growth and building partner ecosystems across India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Hong Kong, and other emerging markets in Asia.